Saturday, November 26, 2011

Covers 7 eBooks (13)

Cover & eBooks is a bi-weekly post dedicated in my discoveries of free eBooks over the Internet. This is also a great way to discover new authors and talents among the known authors that we admire today. Books featured are free from various websites but mostly the eBook source is Smashwords. Links are provided so feel free to download the book and share it with others. :)

Title: Wasteland Ghost: Barren Wastelands Series Part 1
Author: Leif G.S. Notae
Smashword Link
Years after man fell in the last great war, one woman struggles to discover information on the man who saved her life while fighting to defend her bunker home. However, a military organization wants what she has and will assault her to do so. Will she make it out alive?

Title: Madison and the Missing Moon
Author: Jamie Busby
Smashword Link
ONE Little Girl.... ONE Big mystery.... Only ONE person and a large sprinkling of Christmas magic can help!.... Non-stop thrills, spills, excitement & confusion following a young girl & her Daddy on a spellbinding adventure as she searches for a simple answer to a simple question; But its never quite that simple, is it?

Title: Pig, Crane, Fox
Author: Beth Bernobich
Smashword Link
The king of Lóng City has declared a contest—whoever performs three impossible tasks gets to marry his daughter, the Princess Lian, as well as winning a lot of money. Kai the street rat doesn't want the princess, but he does want the money. Then he finds out the princess has her own ideas about this contest. 

Title: The Protectors: Book 1 in the Protectors Saga
Author: P. M. Dooling
Smashword Link
Avery Kimball's happy world is turned upside down when she learns that she and her four best friends were once a group of powerful warriors charged with protecting a distant planet. Sent to Earth to be re-born after being killed by the Emperor, Avery and the others must now return, although settling back into her role as a warrior isn't easy, especially with her attraction to the mysterious King. 

Title: Katie's Hope (Rhyn Trilogy, Book Two)
Author: Lizzy Ford
Smashword Link
Katie learns the Immortals have no intention of letting her go.Rhyn discovers he can only protect her if he accepts his place among the Immortals. However, doing so may cost him the only thing that matters.Meanwhile, enemies are closing in and Katie must choose between Death or Hell to save Rhyn from both. Includes exclusive excerpt from rising star Shéa MacLeod's debut novel, Kissed by Darkness.

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